Why Orange and Black?

The Orange RagCutter is made with recyclable plastic and that's the colour we chose for our product. The Black option is made from recycled plastic giving people a choice.

How long will the blade last?

This all depends on what you are cutting and how often. Our research has shown that in a commercial situation where the RagCutter is used several times daily, the blade has lasted over a year. However like any blade it will dull off after time and will need replacing. The RagCutter comes with a spare blade and as the blade is a standard stock razor blade they are available from most hardware stores at a minimal cost. Replacing the blade is simple. Remove the pozi/philips screw and blade cover and replace. Easy as that.

How long will shipping take?

Should be only two to three days throughout New Zealand.

Do you ship overseas?

Absolutely. There will be a shipping fee and time will be dependent on where you are in the World and the Covid 19 effects as we all know.


If you are not satisfied with our great product you can return it and we will refund you the purchase price.


If you have a promotional idea we will be open to any ideas that may help with your fundraising.